rik-rat corn pile

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hognose Snake!

You'd think a dog called a Rat Terrier would be more inclined to hunt rats.  Not our dog.  Mudd is a Snake Terrier and a few weeks ago he came across a very interesting snake, indeed.

It all started on the river.  We pulled the boat over so I could get out and stretch my legs.  Of course the dog jumped out of the boat, onto the shoreline, and disappeared into the trees with a quickness that can't be registered on a wristwatch.

I ran after the pooch and found him yelping and pawing at a log.  I walked over to grab him and saw a HUGE snake.  The snake saw me and began to puff up in an attempt to look larger.  It was quite a display...hissing followed the puffing and I knew that it would be a dumb idea to get any closer.

I went to the other side of the log to get a look from another angle.  The snake's head periscoped over the log and he made intense eye contact with me, like he wanted to eat me.  Of course, I ran away (dog in my arms) like a scared little baby.

I went home, did some research, and found out that it was a hognose snake.  They're known for their impressive displays but not for being aggressive.  Who knew?