rik-rat corn pile

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Someone "borrowed" my image. UPDATE: my new friend was kind enough to take down the image.

EDIT: march 27th. Thanks to Mad One-Eye dog for taking down the image. I appreciate your prompt response. If anyone is ever interested in using one of my images on their website email me @ fluxbiota @gmail.com. I will let you use an image for 50 bucks. If you are writing a blog about my art, no money is needed. Just ask and send me a link to your blog and add a link to my artist website. Much love to my new friend. I thank you for your kindness and I apologize if I made a scene. It is worth noting that the internet has changed how we view property. I'm happy that my work is well received but I (and all artists/musicians/writers) need to make a living. We make a living by selling our work to you lovely people (i really do love all of you). If you want to use an artist's image on your website, please, take some time and contact them before you do so. We really appreciate it when you contact us. And if you want to share our work on social media, please put our website on the post and maybe we'll get some traffic. Thanks for listening. Intemperan├žas de Panino Manino I'm not too happy about this. I'd like to fix it. Anyone know how to do a cease and desist? Maybe I should send a polite message to credit my website. ugh.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yes. I am begging for money.

UPDATE!: Both pieces have sold! My two friends (Teresa and Kim, you are amazing) have effectively paid for FIVE months of studio space. I feel so warm and fuzzy.
I'm trying to raise money to pay for my NEW ART STUDIO!!!!  Basically, I'd love to sell you a painting.  If you've ever wanted to own one of my paintings, this is the deal of the century.  I'm asking for $250 bucks a piece.  This price includes shipping and A PAINTING THAT IS ALREADY FRAMED (are my caplocks annoying yet?)
Both images are 22 X 30 gouache paintings in a 24 X 32 birch frame from Westfall framing (a fabulous framing establishment).  They were from my MFA thesis show, Flux Biota.  Message me if you're interested fluxbiota @ gmail.com.  Once again, all proceeds will go to studio rent.  Please share this with your friends. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's that time of the year!

the ice in the creek bed looks like an ancient glacier (stolen from @itsyourrock on instagram)
I don't know how many of you readers exist in the Midwest...but if you do, our collective pain is palpable.  This winter has been a rough one. I'm sure it's been hard for everyone...there's just something about being land-locked that makes my pain more important than your pain.

Saturday was nice, though.  It was roughly 50 degrees (t-shirt weather, yay!) and we decided to go on a fossil hunt.  We threw the dog in the back of the Honda and were off like rockets to my favorite fossil ditch.  We had a fairly successful venture: horn coral, petrified wood, brachiopods, some crinoid stems, and some Devonian coral (not sure what kind, anyone? anyone...bottom row second from the right).  

Not too shabby.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wild Things, a juried exhibition in Pennsylvania.

I was recently accepted into a juried show at the Sweetwater Art Center in Sewickley, PA (about 12 miles from Pittsburg).

Here is the description of the show pulled directly from their website:

Wild creatures. Wild urges. Wild colors. Wild movement. For the upcoming exhibition, Wild Things, Sweetwater Center for the Arts is seeking art with an unrestrained spirit that upsets its surroundings and moves the viewer. This exhibition coincides with Sweetwater's awareness campaign featuring a public art installation created by UK Street Artist, Filthy Luker.  All 2D, 3D and mixed media are eligible for submission. We are especially interested in kinetic sculpture and performance artists for the opening reception. Unleash your craziest passion in this ferocious exhibition.
Wild Things will be juried by Cynthia Shaffer, a mixed media artist favoring bugs, bones and sea creatures to traditional art materials. The show will include a sampling of her work which can be seen at www.cynthia-shaffer.com.

Cynthia Shaffer is a lovely artist and I'm proud that she liked this piece (snake nest, made in late 2012) enough to accept it into this fine show.  I'm looking forward to seeing the other artists who were chosen to hang at Wild Things.