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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yes. I am begging for money.

UPDATE!: Both pieces have sold! My two friends (Teresa and Kim, you are amazing) have effectively paid for FIVE months of studio space. I feel so warm and fuzzy.
I'm trying to raise money to pay for my NEW ART STUDIO!!!!  Basically, I'd love to sell you a painting.  If you've ever wanted to own one of my paintings, this is the deal of the century.  I'm asking for $250 bucks a piece.  This price includes shipping and A PAINTING THAT IS ALREADY FRAMED (are my caplocks annoying yet?)
Both images are 22 X 30 gouache paintings in a 24 X 32 birch frame from Westfall framing (a fabulous framing establishment).  They were from my MFA thesis show, Flux Biota.  Message me if you're interested fluxbiota @ gmail.com.  Once again, all proceeds will go to studio rent.  Please share this with your friends. 

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