rik-rat corn pile

Friday, August 30, 2013

New Painting!

"Chimney Lagoon." gouache on paper, 19 X 19, 2013.
This painting was truly a labor of love.  It was not an easy-breezy painting, seeing as I challenged myself to work in a new format...square with little white space surrounding the image.  I feel like I succeeded.  There were times when I wanted to die, times when I wanted to throw my paintbrushes into the garbage disposal and chug a bottle of Makers Mark...but I didn't.  I harnessed my chi, focused, and look what popped out of me...a painting.

I am chuffed.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Went to the Iowa State Fair.

Things I accomplished at the Iowa State Fair.
I held an alligator.

I added to my smashed penny collection.

We watched a professional flint knapper make this knife out of flint.  AMAZING.

Comprehensive list:  Hand fed zebra, saw the world's smallest horse (30 pounds, squeeeee!), got harassed by a carnie, rode horrifying fair rides at the midway, ate a deep friend snicker bar and a GIANT turkey leg, found the world's grossest port-o-potty and decided I could hold it, saw a life sized cow carved out of butter, pet a baby cow for five minutes, drank at the Iowa craft beer tent, watched several bands preform, heat exhaustion, watched my friends and family throw axes, bought two beaver skulls for 7 bucks, found out that baby camels are possibly the most awkward looking animal on god's green earth.  OUT.  Peace. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Artist Statement.

I've been working on this artist statement for what feels like forever.  I've spent time thinking about it, dwelling on it, obsessing over it...just not actually writing the damn thing.  Yesterday was spent drinking pots of coffee while multitasking.  This is what I've put together so far.  Most of you readers are familiar with my work and if you are not, check out www.janeryder.com 

Any input is appreciated.  Feel free to email me at fluxbiota @ gmail.com

My paintings are a right-brained approach to observing, dissecting, and recording the objective subject matter found in the lakes, rivers, prairies, and forests of south central Iowa.  As my intimacy with the land surrounding me evolves, so does my approaches for depicting the complexities of varying terrains and the plants and animals that occupy them. 

Each of my gouache painting is a fictitious ecosystem that has been broken down into a series of vignettes.  Each vignette describes the decay, growth, and interaction between the flora and fauna of that imagined place.  Although bold colors, repeating patterns, and flattened space make the paintings appear fantastic in nature, each scene is based off an observation. 

I am constantly inspired by the complexities of the natural world.  My work is an ever evolving narrative about the interconnectedness of all things and the functions of an organism in a community of plants and animals.