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Thursday, November 12, 2015

also, NEW WORK!!!!!

 All of these are available as limited edition archival prints. They look great. Email me if you want to get some prices for all DAT holiday shopping you're going to have to do eventually.
Sepulcher. 22 X 26, gouache on paper, 2015.
The Kingfisher's Bone Tree. 12 X 20, gouache on paper, 2015.

Soybean and Sunflower Scene. 17 X 22, gouache on paper, 2015.

creative connections. all female show.

Hey, guys. If you're in Texas check out the show I'm in. I realize the state is GIGANTIC and this is not feasible in most cases. worth a shot. Curated by the wonderful Rachael Bower. All female cast of artists

Hope everyone is having a good day. I don't update this as often as I should. Check out my instagram for more studio shots. fluxbiota is the username.

Monday, August 10, 2015


I got published in ArtDose, a Wisconsin based art guide.  You can check out the link at http://artdoseartguide.com/vol-xi-online/

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I'm proud to announce the birth of my updated website!  Many thanks to Bruce and Carolyn for helping me make it happen.  go check it out.  www.janeryder.com


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

isn't it funny.

oh, boy.

three month hiatus. I've been busy getting ready for my solo show at the Silverwood Gallery in St. Anthony, Minnesota.

I'll be straightforward with you guys. My head hasn't been on straight for the last couple months. I got engaged, I've been going crazy trying to afford framing, I've been working on a new website (which will be open and ready for business pretty damn soon), my family has been in town, I've been sick. It's insane. I'm surprised I'm not more tired than I am.  But enough of that.

I'm feeling optimistic.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

2nd Annual Juried Exhibition, Lush Vibes.

Well, hello.  Long time no see.  I've been a busy bastard. 

I was recently invited by Martin Nelson of FACRAG (Franklin Art Center Gallery) to jury their annual spring exhibition called Lush Vibes.  Here's my statement for the show and a few of my favorite images. Because it was a blind jury, I don't know the artists names at the moment but will post them after the opening.

Juror Statement
Lush Vibes, 2015.

I’ve experienced thirty-two midwestern winters.  We are bombarded with ice, sleet, snow, and bitter cold.  The unpredictable weather keeps us indoors and eventually affects our moods.  The severity and variety of weather has led me to this conclusion:  Midwestern winters are bipolar.  The promise of a lush spring is what gets us through.  Spring is a time to feel inspired and creative.  It’s a time to feel reborn and rejuvenated.
Winter is almost behind us and I feel like I’m finally shaking off the dust it left on me.  I felt inclined to view the work presented in Lush Vibes as responses to seasonal changes.  I saw the moodiness of each season reflected in the color, content, patterns, and anthropomorphic qualities of each piece. 
The somber isolation winter brings us is reflected in the colors and cold body language between the man and woman in The American Dream.  The oil/digital painting, The Doctor, conjures up thoughts of an infectious plague and winter days trapped inside, sick with flu.  The more playful side of winter can be seen in the geometric shapes of the porcelain plates that reminded me of ice crystals in a snowball.
But if it weren’t for the somber and sad moments of the winter would we appreciate the beauty of spring to its fullest?  The grass emerges from the soil, leaves pop out of buds, and animals leave their dens. Wet felted wool piece, Wooden Wonder and mixed media piece, Peacock Headdress look like living organisms unfurling their parts to the warm weather and the humorous piece Lush Vibrations reminds us of the randiness we associate with spring fever.  I saw the colors and soft edges of the season in abstract pieces 20. and 22.

The quality of work displayed in the 2nd annual Lush Vibes is impressive and it was an honor to be a part of the exhibition.   Thank you for inspiring me and I hope your spring and summer is filled with wonderful adventures and many artistic pursuits.  

untitled, mixed media collage.

The Doctor. Oil and Digital Painting.

Wooden Wonder. Wet Felted Wool.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Just some stuff I'm working on.

detail area of a recently completed 22 X 3o gouache painting.

modge podged whitetail deer skulls.  Made these for fun. 

another modge podge skull!

My Duck Themed Painting.

I was recently invited to show my work in a show called Ducks (at Minotaur Projects in LA).  Here's a youtube link to the promo, it's pretty fun...Howard the Duck makes an appearance.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQvg7QeTkqw

I had a good time making this piece. 
"Duck Spittle"  11 X 15, gouache on paper.  2015.

Friday, February 6, 2015



This is the link to an artist interview I'm featured in...thanks to the Mclean Art Center for putting it together.

My bit is roughly two minutes in.

sorry for the cell phone quality image but this is the new work in progress.

hey, guys.  I've probably lost all of my followers COZ I SUCK AT BLOGGING!  I can thank instagram for that, it's just so damn easy and convenient to microblog.

This is the new painting I'm working on.  I have a solo show at the Silverwood Gallery in St. Anthony, Minnesota this August...I have a lot of work to do but I'm plugging along steadily. 

This piece is not finished and not titled. 22 X 30.  gouache on paper.

Monday, January 19, 2015

my newest work!

"Between the Mammoth's Tusks." 22 X 22, gouache on paper.

"Crepuscular." 10 X 21, gouache on paper.

"Down Low and in the Garden (dedicated to my friends Ann and Christian)" 22 X 22, gouache on paper