rik-rat corn pile

Thursday, November 12, 2015

also, NEW WORK!!!!!

 All of these are available as limited edition archival prints. They look great. Email me if you want to get some prices for all DAT holiday shopping you're going to have to do eventually.
Sepulcher. 22 X 26, gouache on paper, 2015.
The Kingfisher's Bone Tree. 12 X 20, gouache on paper, 2015.

Soybean and Sunflower Scene. 17 X 22, gouache on paper, 2015.

creative connections. all female show.

Hey, guys. If you're in Texas check out the show I'm in. I realize the state is GIGANTIC and this is not feasible in most cases. worth a shot. Curated by the wonderful Rachael Bower. All female cast of artists

Hope everyone is having a good day. I don't update this as often as I should. Check out my instagram for more studio shots. fluxbiota is the username.