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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Goodbye cattle.

*I just ended my career as a dairy farmer. I enjoyed the job like a fat kid enjoys cheetos...however, it takes money to feed a fat kid and I wasn't paying the bills with my milk money. Even though those baby cows loved me, love won't pay the bills either.

But my career as a dairy farmer ended on an interesting note. I've heard of mutant cows being born in Cher-noble (spelled fo-net-ick-cul-ey) after nuclear disaster...but not in lovely Iowa. I heard that a mutant cow was delivered by c-section the night before my shift and that the mutant was still in the straw. So I popped over to take a look.

The mama just stood there and looked at me. She had a three foot long scar down her side that looked like a zipper. And next to her was a calf with a fully developed head, grarled and awkward front legs that hooked like a cane, and after the pelvic area began the cow stopped developing. It was just tiny, ridgid bones with some skin covering them.

It was very haunting. I didn't take a picture out because of that.

*I work at the farm again...feeding cows and cleaning afterbirth, and I love it. 10-10-2009


  1. I wish you would have taken a picture of that.

  2. I only had a cameraphone and it was dark. I drew a picture, though. that's ALLLLmost as good.