rik-rat corn pile

Monday, October 12, 2009

i wouldn't eat that if i were you.

My family came to visit me the other day. Here's what happened :

1. we shot pumpkins and made them explode.

2. we ate chinese food at the chinese place next to the adult xxx theatre in Ottumwa. I didn't eat the egg drop soup

3. we saw strippers taking a smoke break. how did we know they were strippers? fur coats, platform shows, and no pants, thats how.

4. we almost hit a raccon and a possum.

But my favorite event happened while we were driving to the gas station. As we were winding down the dirt road my mom said,

"Hey, guys, look at the sweet Brittaney on the side of the road! What is he doing there, the little scamp?"

The dog pops his head up to look at us while we drive by. His face is covered in blood. The dog sees us and promply shoves his head back into the abdomen of a deer carcass and continues to munch on deer chittlins (deer intestines).


(photo of the brittaney made possible by www.dailypuppy.com)