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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Body Drop

Body drop.
Written jan.25

I see black garbage bags on the side of the road a lot. It costs money for trash pickup and people burn their garbage in burn barrels to avoid the trash pick-up fee. But some things don’t burn and when your burn barrel is full of unburnables you are left with a bag of garbage. Since you don’t have trash pick up and you don’t want to pay a pick up fee you dump your garbage on your neighbor’s lawn. It’s the circle of life and I am a dung beetle, when I walk along the side of the road I'll pick up other people's trash.

I found deer legs and a deer ribs in a garbage bag, dropped off by some chode, on our property the other day. It was pretty gross. But I took a picture anyways. I have to document all these strange things or I’ll forget them. I asked Seth if I should call the Department of Natural Resources to report poaching. He said it was probably just some slobs dumping off their unwanted deer parts. Strange things happen in Iowa.


  1. that's what it looked like when it fell out of the garbage bag. I was worried it was going to be people parts.