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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my morning walk through DeKalb

DeKalb photos: 1. my old house 2. mallards 3. the kishwaukee river

1. See the top right window on that house? That used to be my window. I kept my degus by that window. Of course the rodents DESTROYED the blinds by chewing and peeing on them. As a result, my landlord took ALL of my deposit (UNFAIR). Once I looked out of that window and saw a drunk girl rolling around my lawn. Another time I looked out that window and saw the Locust street drunk dry heaving into a bush. Come to think of it, on the weekends, all I ever saw through that window were drunk college students. Good stuff. Good times.
2. I am a bird papazzatzi: Birds hate getting their photo taken and, as you can see from the photo, these water fowl hated me because they don't like being blogged about. These mallards are trying to get very far away from me. But I blogged about them anyways. Take that, ducks.
3. THE MIGHTY KISHWAUKEE RIVER: It flooded our town real bad a few years back. I saw a bunch of fat kids swimming in the river run off and all I could think about...staff infections and pink eye. It was an unreal flood. Oh yeah, and once there was an alligator in the Kishwaukee River (it was caught by a fisherman in the area shown on the right side of the photo).