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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

possum city.

I live in Possum City. Possums live under our porch, in our dilapidated chicken coop, in the garage, in our backyard, and ALL over forested acres. Tracks everywhere. My favorite part about possums is that they aren't very fast and they're clumsy as hell. If you happened upon one trundling across a field you could easily walk up to the marsupial and catch it. I don't know what you'd do with it after...raise it like a cat, eat it?


  1. What an interesting looking possum, quite different to the Australian possum, very cute!

  2. One time I was at this BBQ in Louisiana, and this Australian girl who was there saw a possum sitting up in a tree by a light, and she was all "WTF IS THAT?" so i tell her "that's a possum,' She says "that's not a possum, is it a skunk?"
    i'm like, "no, that's a possum,"
    but i don't think she believed me.

    now that i wrote that down, it's kind of a lousy story.

  3. its not a TERRIBLE story. but was it a possum or a skunk?

  4. australian possums, there is a lot of variety in them? Are they the monkeys of australia, we call our racoons "iowa monkeys."