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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

red bellied woodpecker.

what a pretty red hat on this red-bellied woodpecker. I haven't gotten a good look at it's belly but from what I can tell it's not very red. Yet another good example of a poorly named bird (titmouse being the worst). I would have called this guy a dotty-backed red-cap woodpecker. That would have been a much better name.
Woodpeckers are harder to photograph then my other backyard birds. Whenever this guy sees me he'll fly to the back of a tree and cling to its trunk. What an asshole. There's also a red-headed woodpecker that likes to torture me by flying to the other side of the yard whenever I grab the ol' camera. Once again, what an asshole.


  1. Such a pretty bird! That red really pops! I love that you have so much interaction with the animals!

  2. I love that i have so much interaction with them as well. yesterday we had three turkeys and about eight whitetails in our yard. you and blythe-ey should visit us in iowa. we'll shoot arrows.

  3. i've seen a few red headed ones, but none of these--good thing, as I dislike assholes.

  4. oh man, they are cunning jerks. but handsome, cunning, jerks.