rik-rat corn pile

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a huge photo dump from the last snow of the season.

1. The black capped chickadee. This is the only bird that has figured out how to use the bird feeder. 2. Bluejay, Red Bellied Woodpecker, Cardinal. The RBW is shooting into the air like some kind of a rocket. Now I finally get why they call them Red Bellied Woodpeckers...I still don't think its a prominant enough feature to name the damn bird after.
3. (left)red winged blackbird and grackles. I've never enjoyed the noises these birds make. Especially the red winged blackbird. One summer I frequented a pond and the same RWBB would follow me, screaming the whole time, and scare all the frogs away.

4. Juncos in flight. Juncos have become my favorite bird. They are the first to the seeds in the morning and the last to leave the seeds at night. Plus, they are hoppers...very cute.

5. A pair of House Finches. This was a first sighting for me. The male was very cute, he hoped around and kept stretching his neck out like he was about to vomit. He has a nice, red face.

6. Cardinal, 2Brownheaded cowbirds, a robin and a hopping junco. The junco is at the top, told you they look cute when they jump.


  1. My mom would love seeing birds up close and personal like you do all the time. She loves birds. My fav are the red ones.

  2. does your mom have bird feeders? she's in California, right?