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Monday, March 8, 2010

my little art buddy.

Cocktails are intelligent little birds. And this is Little Jane. I didn't name her, Seth did.
Me and little Jane share a bunch of similar traits.
1. If we're by ourselves for too long we'll get destructive and loud.
2. We're very curious about what you are doing.
3. We're very loving if we love you.
5. We need a lot of stimuli almost all the damn time. Outgoing would be the word. But randomly shy. We're strange creatures.
With that being said, Little Jane may very well be my spirit animal. Whenever I sit down at my desk to bead a skull, make a drawing, write a letter, or paint she will come find me to see what I'm doing. She'll climb out of her cage, skuttle across the floor (its pretty amusing to watch her clumsily walk), climb up my pant leg, climb up on my back, and make her way to my sholder.
From there she'll watch me make colors. She likes orange...its in her genes to like orange, males have BRIGHT orange cheeks. Soon she'll get bored watching me paint and start playing her favorite game i've titled "drop and look"
DROP AND LOOK! (a history of the game and how the game is played)
It started off with those little puff balls, the craft ones. I had a pile on my desk for some reason, Little Jane saw those little puffy fuckers and fell in love. She cautiously walked up to a green puff, grabbed it with her beak, and chucked in ten feet. She watched intensly as it flew thru the air and landed. After the green puff landed she wanted more and grabbed a yellow puff and hucked that son of a bitch pretty damn far. She watched it soar and land on the ground. This game went on until all the puffs were gone. She made a pretty little puff ball design on the floor, in retrospect, I should have taken a picture of the puffs drops.
Now Little Jane has a game that's way more fun then Drop and Look with puff balls. She now plays drop and look with my paint brushes. It gets a little annoying when I'm looking for my fine tip brush and it isn't there...but its not too bad, the brush is usually on the ground and Little Jane is looking at the thing. She's my little art buddy. I love her. I know she needs the stimuli, its good stimuli for me too.


  1. She is so cute! I love that you have a little bird companion like you! I want one too! That would be so fun.

  2. she's only really into me when I'm painting or when Seth isn't around. Little Jane is his other girlfriend.

  3. that's fun. Better then my dog, who would play grab and run and chew.

  4. ha. my dog likes to play "go get the hamburger" (hamburger toy, no wonder the dog wants real hamburgers all the time)

  5. hehe...little jane AND real jane are so cute!

  6. and we are both so loud. and silly billy.

  7. i love this bird. it almost seems like a dog haha. love you jane miss you

    brother paul

  8. hey brother paul. this bird is a piece of work. she screamed for two hours yesterday.

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJOZp2ZftCw