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Thursday, March 11, 2010

routine and twins.

one twin.
The twins looking wary together.
the other twin.
I've started looking harder at stuff. A running theme throughout EVERYTHING seems to be routine. Everything is pretty predictable once you start taking mental notes about: who, what, where, when, why? Everyday I drive home, thats part of my routine. I always see two little deer about 4 miles from my exit. The twins (as I've come to call them) are in the same basic area everyday. Our routines are in sync and I know where to look for em' and I know the basic:
who : twin whitetail
what : chomping on grass
where : off the four lane on the South side
when : 5:30pm
why : they are hungry and like the grass by the side of the road.
Now, I can take advantage of their predictability. I've been wanting a nice deer photo but its hard to get one unless you know their schedules. Deer tend to eat, sleep, and do things at certain times...and all the photos I've gotten so far have been of white, fluffy, butts tearing ass away from me.
Not the twins though. They are not afraid of cars because they are always near them. I've seen other people stop and look at them. So...I took some pictures of my buddies. It was 5:30 on the dot and they were doing exactly what they've been doing since I started noticing them. Scratching and eating. Deer do that stuff pretty good.


  1. These are great pics! I love that you have so many run in's with animals EVERYDAY!!! By the way... were you really close or do you have the most amazing zoom on your camera?

  2. i get pretty close to the critters. they were about...hmmmm, thiry or forty feet from me. but they're pretty used to people.

    I shoot with a sony something or other. Hi-res, baby, the only way to shoot.

    Thanks for the compliments, pal. I liked your ace of cakes idea. The moses one was the hilarious one.

  3. go to that strip in Korea where noone has been. you might get sploded but you might see a racoon dog!