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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Iowa has gotten a lot of rain. The earth has reached a saturation point. Puddles have become stagnant pools of bubbly film and disease that will not retreat into the ground. I've seen kids swimming in those stagnant, bubbly puddles and all I can think about are the staff infections they're about to bring home.

I hear people talk about water a lot. How many inches we're getting, are the going to raise the dam, how will this affect the level of the river, how will this water affect everything. Roads are going to close, the access points for boats are shut down, people with campsites by the river gotta move all of their shit to higher ground or it'll float away. Its pretty impressive and kind of surreal. Fish are swimming in the flood water by the side of the road while gas tanks and giant trees float by, dragged by the current.

Water also shapes sandstone. Thats how history is made. And this photo is a sandstone carving not shaped by water but by a human hand. This entire post was just a way to show you a photo I like that sort of relates to water and...the river. This stone carving is on some bluffs off the des moines river. There were a lot of nice carvings but this was the best one. I would have stayed longer but the bugs kept flying into my nose. I had to climb a long way to get to these carvings, now, the river is so high I'd barely have to step up.

I guess that's it.

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