rik-rat corn pile

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

highlights from my Iowa City trip.

1. the creepy place where I bought coffee.
2. A lake Arius and I visited. it's 11 miles away from Iowa City. There were a lot of fossils. (http://www.elvikis.com/)

3. The disection of an owl pellet on a pizza box.

4. Deadwood or George's in Iowa City. Mustard Sucks.

5. A catbird. They make the most horrible noises, google that shit. You'll laugh.


  1. i'm always amazed at how beautiful Iowa is--we used to visit Doliver Park in Ft. Dodge. It's not as flat and boring as one would expect. Dang, that bird is a cat!

  2. did you listen to the horrible noises on the internet? oh, they make horrible noises, those catbirds.

    As a native illinoiser, I'm a used to a flat terrain. the hills in iowa are rolling, green and covered in ticks. It is beautiful.