rik-rat corn pile

Friday, July 30, 2010

Studio Skulls and found objects

(From left to right) Scraper artifact ( multipurpose scraping tool), raccoon skull and jawbones cleaned in a light bleach solution and then scrubbed with soap, another scraper artifact, bivalve fossils in limestone.
(From left to right) Flint Ball artifact (carried by native americans to make tools), very large and old opossum skull that rodents have been chewing. Both objects were found in a sandy creek.

(From left to right) Dehydrated grey tree frog found in a cornfield (in the pill bottle)(gift), german shepard skull (i didn't know what breed of a dog the skull was when i found it but word of mouth spreads fast and a farmer says this was feral german shepard he shot), and miscellaneous rocks, fossils, and stuff I find when I'm out walking around.

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