rik-rat corn pile

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

These drawings were made for an animal that died a long time ago. I never saw him alive. All I saw were his feet laying on a chair. I still think about that day and that squirrel. And sometimes I wonder why everything I draw about or write about are lifecycles ending. Somber tone. My bad?


  1. it's just yur thing...never saw a handless squirrel before! just a squarshed one

  2. one time i saw my dog (when he was a puppy) catch a baby squirrel in his mouth. He was so scared he threw it up into the air and the squirrel ran away on a fence post.

    less somber tone, my bad?

  3. haha...my doggie would be afraid of a squirrel if it ever got brave enough to come close...love all of your life cycle stuff...nature is as nature does

  4. i couldn't agree more. about your dog and the nature is as nature does.

    its hard to read the word "does" without thinking about a female deer first when you like animals. strange stuff.