rik-rat corn pile

Friday, August 27, 2010

just a reminder.

I'm pretty sure we are all scientists.

Brook and Waxing

pray hard like a pious pope
but hope for no diamonds
if some divine simon spoke
or came down to find us
caught here in our lab coats
but without a science
would we see light
oh i might decidewhile i'm alive i'll feel alive
and what's next i guess i'll know when i've
gotten there

-why? alopecia


  1. listen to this band, tom. your dog will thank you.

  2. sounds a little like 'They Might be Giants'. kinda like it. if you haven't heard it, Apollo 13 is an awesome album

  3. my buddy, arius, is a big t.m.b.g fan. I tried to get him to listen to them by telling him about the similarity.

    He never got into why?

    I'll check out apollo 13, does it have the song about the sun on it?

  4. not sure. it's got a lot of weird shit on it. guess what, i like weird shit