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Thursday, August 19, 2010

triceratops aren't real?

So...there's some kind of dinosaur controversy going on. I'm not pleased with the situation.

You can tell from my cheesy ass grin (in the photograph below) that I'm a big fan of the triceratops (arius...not so much). I like almost everything about triceratops. I like their gigantic heads, their meaty thighs, how they stand on four legs, i like their stupid toes, I like the way they look. The only thing I don't like about the triceratops is Sarah from "The Land Before Time." She sucks.

Some scientists are trying to say that the triceratops is merely an immature toroceratops. Buuuut, other scientists say that the triceratops was discovered before the toroceratops making the toroceratops the adult version of the triceratops...(this word becomes less and less real sounding every time i type it...tri-cera-tops).

Here's some links, follow the link's link and make your own decision.

*wow, a fuckin' triceratops in Cave City! Let's take a cheesy ass picture.


  1. You are not alone! I heard a story about this on NPR and was also very distraught. I love their stupid toes, too! First Pluto, now the triceratops... are there any childhood favorites that are still real or will everything go the way of the Tooth Fairy? -Ali

  2. i'm glad the tooth fairy doesn't exist. that shit scares me.

    but i am sad about pluto, the triceratops, keanu reeves, etc.

    How's england, asshole? jk about the asshole. NOT!