rik-rat corn pile

Friday, October 22, 2010

covered in fur.

I'm not sure if I just had an epiphany...lemme explain.

I've had trouble painting since leaving graduate school. I haven't stopped making art. I've sketched prolifically and have made about eight paintings. Six of those paintings made their way to the fire pit. They sucked balls.

The reason and epiphany? I was trying to make work that looked like my last body of work and I don't think I can (or need to) recreate what I did for my thesis show. The only two paintings I've liked are the ones that can't relate to my last body of work.

Which lead me to the conclusion, its time to make some new shit.


  1. yes yes yes, can't wait to see the new stuff! also, i love you!

  2. i love you too, cassie. I'm gonna send the painting you sent me back to south dakota so you can SIGN it before I frame that beautiful thing.

    I wanna visit you and nate.

  3. art is hard.
    but you can do it! i'm in the same pickle. fried pickle.

  4. now i want to eat a fried pickle. but I've been painting like a mother fucker this week. its good so far, but who knows?