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Friday, October 29, 2010

Going to Kansas.

Old girl, Honda, hit her 200,000 mile mark a few weeks ago. I was on my way to Peoria. Today, she'll have a new milestone in her car-life. She's about to go to Kansas! Time to get an oil change!

I've never been to Kansas. I was in Kansas City, Missouri (good barbecue?)...I could have easily scooted over to Kansas and said,

"Hey, Kansas." quickly followed by,

"See ya, Kansas!"

In short, I'm excited about checking another item off my bucket list. Morgan Freeman would be proud. And did anyone else notice how fuckin' dusty my car is? This photograph is embarrassing.


  1. i wish you were going to kansas with morgan freeman. i would be proud.

  2. stay away from kansas--they got them thar tornados

  3. morgan freeman has the hurricanes under control, guys. its gonna be ok.

  4. omg. i'm totally jealous. i think betty might be done for :(

    she was so close to 200k!

    here's wishing you and lafawnduh 100,000 more miles of safe travel!

  5. her damn hose broke on the way back from kansas! but jimmy fixed it.