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Monday, November 8, 2010


We got super drunk in Lawrence, Kansas. I'm a semi-responsible drunk and figured it wasn't a good idea to drive my beat-ass Honda around town. The closest hotel was called the Eldridge. Here's the fancy website


It was pretty awesome even though I spent most of the night throwing up into a really nice toilet. When we stayed in Missouri we were frugal. I even got to do my hotel trick! Here it is...

1. Cheap hotels usually have cheap, framed art to hide stains. Try taking the art off the wall. If the
frame comes off the wall...you're in business.

2. Using a common Sharpie, make a fantastic drawing. I made a triceratops.

3. Place the frame back on the wall. You've made a SECRET masterpiece.

I do this at almost every hotel I stay at but not the Eldridge, that place was fancy enough to know that people like me do shit like this...their frames were screwed onto their immaculatly whitewalls.


  1. oh, so it's "fluxbiota" now, eh?

    mustard sucks will never die!

  2. I heard that a handful of young hooligans are responsible for mustard sucks signage all across the country! you should contact authorities immediatly!


    Mustard sucks.

  3. ha ha ha... that is too funny.

  4. aw, i was just perusing old photos and saw the kitty you made in on the back of the painting in portland. good times.

  5. that hotel in portland was sweet. I believe we ate a penis shaped doughnut from the voodoo dog-nuts place.

  6. ooh---i gotta remember to take a sharpie next trip i do.

    ketchup rules!

  7. ketchup and grilled hotdogs...mmmm

    (i'm kind of hungry right now)

  8. i like to subtly modify the artwork

    i like mustard

  9. I like a-1 sauce.

    I wanna big mac.

  10. Beautiful! I will do this too :)