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Monday, June 13, 2011

penny. penny!

I'm a collector. I collect rocks, bone china, books, fossils, postcards, nick-knacks, and basically any other small (and interesting) souvenirs. People know this about me and when my friends travel around this beautiful country they'll make me smashed pennies. I love smashed penny machines, they're classic Americana. Any good tourist trap will have a penny smashing machine. They're cheaper then anything(51 cents), even a postcard. So, why not get one? I'm planning on making a giant shadow box frame to display my amazing collection that would only partially exist without the help of my worldly, road tripping, pals.


  1. living vicariously, one penny at a time? if i ever make it back to our zoo, i'll fish one out for you.

  2. oh, man. I'd love me some zoo pennies. I love the museum and zoo pennies coz they'll have dinosaurs and gorillas on em'.

  3. Thats a great collection. I also love collecting things.