rik-rat corn pile

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We went out arrowhead hunting but ended up as fossil hunting. Check out these beauties.


These shells are among the most common fossils found in Iowa. Brachiopods lived inside the protective cover of two hinged shells, attached to the floor of warm, shallow seas that once covered the state. These eastern Iowa specimens are about 375 million years old (Devonian).


  1. oh, yes. the pile of white circles. there's a fish called a Drum...they have rocks in their heads. When they discompose you'll find these on the ground.

  2. I love the tiny preserved bison you found. I didn't know they came so small. :) hehe

  3. tiny bison roamed the tiny plains of the Midwest.

    have you ever heard of tiny elephants? its a myth...but it was on the discovery channel.