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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My marigold garden is looking pretty fine.

I noticed my flower's proliferation yesterday. Little, tiny marigold greens are popping up all over the place. I was clumsily weeding when I saw the marigold babies. I yanked a few (by accident) before I realized what they were...in my defense, I am not a gardener.

A list of things I like about marigolds.

1. they smell odd.
2. I've heard they attract bees.
3. orange, yellow, etc!
4. Nirvana wrote a song about them.

enjoy the song...



  1. I have some of those in my garden too. :o) Pretty.

  2. i think they're an underrated flower. They smell neat and attract bees. I've heard they keep the rabbits away...this could be an old wives tale.

  3. My mom used to make bug spray from marigolds - my middle sister is allergic to DEET - and it smelled NASTY! :)

  4. you can use the spray to keep that baby rabbit from eating your sweet, sweet garden food.