rik-rat corn pile

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Iowa is an acronym. People around here joke that Iowa stands for

I diots
O ut
W alking
A round

This is one of the more truthful statements I've heard about the state. But, really, people just kind of walk around and look for stuff. Bait for fishing, arrowheads, fossils, wild asparagus, wild mushrooms, wild game...its pretty impressive. Iowa has a treasure hunting culture...so, I fit in in that respect.

While I was an idiot out walking around I stumbled upon a piece of Native American pottery. I reached down to pick it up and saw a bunch of pottery chips scattered by my toes...they were probably all from the same pot. I grid walked the area and found well over 30 pieces of broken pottery in a 10 foot area.

Yup, that was my day. Not too shabby.


  1. That's awesome. Sounds like an enjoyable simple way of living life. :)

  2. good exercise with the added benefit of accidentally finding something cool.

  3. so ya gonna build a pot?

    my wife's family comes from a long line of Iowa farmers. They are out-standing in their field

  4. i'd rather build myself a sod house so I won't have to pay rent anymore.

    Tell you're wife's family to back inside. standing in a field gets cold after awhile ;)

  5. (big ol' smile) I took out a lot of student loans to get that wit.