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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

lost and found.

I rent an old, creaky/creepy apartment. It has a creepy basement, a creepy coal shoot, a creepy shower, and a couple of creepy neighbors that scream for no reason (no one knows if they're married or siblings but I'm pretty sure they go through my mailbox and steal my coupons). Its the kind of place a young child would love, it has hidden nooks and crannies everywhere. It would be an excellent apartment for hide and seek.

I was "cleaning" up my hide and seek bathroom the other day and found a hidden shelf. I know its not a good idea to put your hands into dark, random holes (insert "that's what he said") but I was curious and reached deep inside. I pulled out a small vintage box. The photo pretty much explains what I found...but its so odd. Oh so very random. Oh so entertaining. I wonder what else is hidden throughout this creepy place.


  1. aw. some little old lady is wondering where she left her bar of toilet soap.

    creepy, yeah

  2. and I'm wondering where she's been all my life...

    a girl after my own heart. This is exactly what I would have bought and hid if I was a little old lady.

  3. ...and the more I think about it, finding soap in a bathroom isn't all that random. Even if it is shaped like a toilet.

  4. I looked up the soap on the internet! Its been around forever. A goodwill online store was selling it. I'm rich! Actually, its only worth 3 bucks.

  5. It's exactly like that scene in "Amelie" when she finds a little boy's box of trinkets hidden behind a tile in her apartment bathroom. How cool.