rik-rat corn pile

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

only to find gideon's bible.

Well, I feel rejuvenated. Nothing like a good trip to get the creative juices flowing.

Spent the other night in Coralville, Iowa. Of course I had to leave my' mark somewhere in the room. Petty vandalism is always good for a cheap thrill.

I also got a lucky wheat penny in my change from CVS. This is always a good omen. Next blog...my brief trip to Chicago.


  1. the last bible I picked up in a hotel seemed a bit limp and soggy...i didn't really want to touch it

    i did check to see if you'd left a picture in it however

  2. the dog caught a rodent !!! wish my dog would... very nice!

  3. @tom: this bible was coffee stained. It needed a lil' decoration to make it beautiful. Ha. glad you looked, never know, you may find one of the drawings someday. Its weird to think that people probably see those. Hmmm.

    @juice: sigh. This is a drawing from my imagination. if mudd caught a rat I think I'd freak out and throw him and the rat into a toilet or garbage can. one day puppy girl will murder a rodent and you'll be a proud, proud, proud mama.