rik-rat corn pile

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some random finds from Sunday and Monday.

Found: In the back field and on a river sandbar.

Top: Rabbit shoulder blades.

bottom: Holes in hard rock.


  1. so, what's up with the holes in the hard rocks. Is there some sort of indigenous creature in Iowa going around banging holes into rocks?

    sort of scary

  2. its the tiny pick wielding hammer mouse. their one and only job is to smash holes in attractive rocks and fill said holes with a single piece of corn.

    of course this is a tall tale. Some people call it a nutting stone

    made by native americans and used for various tasks like mixing pigment, mashing corn, starting fire, playing games...yup, possible nutting stones.

  3. wow, those shoulder blades are amazing! i'd like to string them around my neck

  4. Yeah, I thought they were odd and wonderful as well. they were so tiny and oddly shaped. I wonder where the rest of the rabbit went...

  5. those are some nice holes and shoulder blades!