rik-rat corn pile

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Horrible Taxidermy. HORRIBLE!

1. this weasel is not an albino. Its sun-bleached, horrifying and is possibly the worst taxidermy mount I've ever seen.

Customer: "Hello, good sir. I've procured a weasel this week and would like it preserved as a taxidermy mount. Can you make any suggestions on a lifelike scene?"

taxidermist: " Most weasels are in logs. I'll just cut it in half and shove it into a log hole."

Seriously, the weasel is cut in half and shoved into a log hole. Its the worst thing I've ever seen.
2. This was in the store's window display. They put it in the window display!

Shop owner: "how can we encourage customers to buy our taxidermy, friend?"

Friend: " Stick a rotting muskrat corpse in the window display. People go batshit for that stuff."


  1. gads. so did you buy anything?

    that log is really nice

  2. sadly, I could not find the money for the log weasel and was i was too frightened by the muskrat to even imagine it in my home.

    they did have some cool fossils but i can find those myself ;)

  3. The weasel made me actually LOL....Bahahahahaha!

  4. maybe jeremy should buy it for you...it is almost christmas.