rik-rat corn pile

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

in honor of another roadtrip. oh yeah, and a happy holiday to all of you.

Souvenirs. Wyoming.


  1. mmmm..makes me want to go to wyoming again.

    remember that creepy, cold hotel we stayed at?

    actually, i think that whole trip was full of creepy hotels.

  2. @ ptwn: yeah, every hotel we stayed in was creepy. was it the hotel where the attendant wanted to "attend" to you pretty badly?

    @ tom: merry christmas to you, pal!

  3. I believe that may be the coolest key chain.

  4. I remember when you acquired those. I used to have a matching snake head, but it perished a couple months ago.

  5. @josh: this keychain gives me the heebie jeebies whenever I touch it. I keep it stored in tupperware.

    @matt: Did you sit on it?