rik-rat corn pile

Monday, December 12, 2011

photos from the drive home.

1. Its best to treat every day like a road trip. What's the point of driving if you can't pull over ever time something peaks your interest? I was on 34 West when I noticed a large animal eating grass behind barbed wire. It wasn't a cow and it wasn't a horse...it was an ELK! I love elk farms. Elk taste delicious...I pulled off the highway, found the access road, and had a photo shoot with these beautiful cow elk. The owners of the farm saw me, they gave me several dirty looks.
2. I've always wanted a tacky, cement, lawn ornament. Seriously, since I was a kid. I found these beauties in Fairfield, Iowa. I'm going back and buying them this Spring.
3. It was very cold. The stream from this factory billowed like a cumulonimbus cloud on a breezy day. I thought it was so beautiful I put my life in danger and snapped a few shots while driving a cool 70 mph. There were no other cars near me so I'd like to think the only life that was in danger was my own.


  1. stick a snowcone on one of those horsies and you'll have a unicorn in your garden

  2. i've always wanted a unicorn. I hear they're like pests in indiana ;)

  3. right. i am so sick of unicorns

  4. hoosiers in their own right are pretty silly. ...when they're not being awesome. you should check out our manticores also

  5. i thought manticore prefered a southern climate....

  6. Good point, good job! Driving is great as transportation, and thanks to that time saved (compared to other forms of commuting), you get a chance to stop and appreciate all the interesting stuff around you. Of course, it's also great to just drive and search for cool things!

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