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Monday, January 16, 2012

It is the day of my birth. My birthday, if you will.


1. Victoria surprised me with a whole batch of melted snowman cookies as a birthday present! Such a treat. Victoria also introduced me to a new word awhile ago. In Chicago, we'll call a sprinkle a "sprinkle"...in Phili they call them "jimmies". These snowmen have marshmallow heads and jimmies for noses. What a great birthday present! I won't even tell you guys what everyone did to my desk to celebrate. Let's just say I filled up a whole garbage can with packing peanuts by the time I was done cleaning up. Thanks guys!
2. On Saturday a group of us went to Zombie Burger to celebrate my 29th. We had a damn fine time...except for the snotty bartender that made me feel like a dummy. I ordered a "redneck" burger. What was on that?: bologna patte, chicken friend bacon, mayo, and I can't remember the rest because I stroked out before I was done eating it. So much fun.
3. here is my birthday horoscope and the surprise 50 dollar bill my mom sent to me today. She hid it inside of a new sketchbook. I'm a lucky girl.

4. Here's a photo of me, kyle, and two girls from Fong's pizza. We went there on Saturday to try a kamikaze shot...they make you wear the helmets, not my choice. The nice woman on the right offered to take our photo and I told her I had no camera. She whipped out her cell phone, sent me the photos to my gmail, and saved the day. Smart phones are incredible...kind of like my birthday. Its not even over yet.


  1. fong's!!! i tell people about that place constantly, too bad no one ever goes to des moines! i still have the cool bottle cap with the owl on it from that beer, it's about to be used as a centerpiece in a bottle cap-coffee table collage. memories. happy birthday pal!

  2. oh geez, and zombie burger?! your horoscope is amazingly accurate and your mom is sooo awesome. i miss you both!

  3. Hahahaha... I forgot how funny the word jimmies are. And that no one outside of Philly knows that sprinkles are called jimmies. Oh well. I'm glad you enjoyed the cute little snowman cookies, and it snowed for your birthday! Happy Birthday pal!

  4. ok, sorry i am reading this post backwards - jimmies! that's a much better word than sprinkles

  5. @rachel: you'd better send me photos once your amazing table is finished. and jimmies...way better than sprinkles.

    @gm: those cookies were a mega hit. you da best.

  6. Glad you had a great birthday! I want to go to Zombie burger! That sounds awesome!

  7. The best bacon is made of chicken friends.

  8. @tracy. if you ever find yourself in iowa...i will take you there.

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