rik-rat corn pile

Monday, January 23, 2012

sickly weekend drawin'. I have a cold.

click on image for a better view.


  1. nice...i can comment here again.

    what detail...you must spend a lot of time on these drawings.

    keep the kleenex close!

  2. I'm a cranky ol' biddy with this horrible cold.

    I just ordered more paper and new pens so hopefully I'll have at least a drawing a week to share.

    kudos on your sunday comics, that hat one made me laugh pretty hard.

  3. Don't be grumpy! Everyone at work has a cold, it must be the change in the weather. It will go away in a day or so :)

  4. I wanna see a drawing of everyone fighting over a big pot of potato soup! LOL

  5. i love it, can't wait for color, yes?! also, i'm supposed to ask you (for both beth & i) when are you going to grace us with your beautiful and everlasting presence, so that we too can join in celebrating another wonderful year in your amazing, artistic life? i'm sleep deprived and enjoying the use of adjectives & maybe adverbs too. i was never very good at adverbs, gah who needs them anyways?

  6. @gm: the potato soup was so good that everyone was too happy to fight. MMMMM, now all I want is some potato leek soup.

    @juice: adverbs. a modifier? usualyy ending in ly. So confusing. I'll stick with the adjectives and nouns. hopefully soon, btw. I miss you guys.