rik-rat corn pile

Monday, March 5, 2012

painting in process.

About a year ago I saw a chupacabra. We all know that the chupacabra is a legend...a mythical monster that sucks the blood out of goats. They even made an X-Files episode focus on that very subject. Anyhoo, while driving i spotted a grey, hairless, sickly, animal trying very hard to hobble across a cornfield. When it comes down to it, the "chupacabra" we saw was just a mangy fox or coyote stumbling off into the great unknown to die in a bush somewhere.
The drawing you see up top is a study for a beautiful painting I'm about to start. It comemorates the day I saw my first "mythical" beast...in Iowa of all places. Chupacabras always have giant bat ears so I'm using my lil' Mudd as a model. Isn't he handsome? We'll see how the painting goes. Wish me luck.


  1. AHHHHHH!!!! Mudd is so stinkin cute I can't even stand it! He has pretty markings too. :) Good luck on the painting too :)

  2. my mudd is a handsome devil. thanks for the luck. I've still gotta a couple hours worth of dinking around on it before I'm ready to paint the sucker.

  3. i have no idea how much work goes into painting, but i like seeing the process. Cute little devil...he looks like a real sweetie

    1. a cute little devil that would suck the blood out of an unsuspecting goat!

      the painting's going to take awhile. I plan on taking my time with the color palate.

  4. I like how when you imagine a beast with a name meaning "goat sucker" you have it surrounded by flowers.

  5. its crazy, when we saw it there were flowers everywhere. And weeds, I remember having bad allergies that day.

    listed plants: horse weed, dandelions, and made up shit.

    I'm thinking about throwing some pollen particles in there.