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Monday, April 9, 2012

fossil find.

I was very happy to have a three day weekend.  I feel it was well deserved.  So, what did I do with all my extra time?  I took some naps, I painted for over 12 hours (all together, whoopee!), and I managed to get some exercise.

I also found a few things.  I found a couple broken artifacts (they didn't photograph well so I won't be blessing your eyes with their presence), they were pretty cool but also very broken.

My find of the weekend was this creepy fossil rock.  Something about it reminds me of a spooky beehive.  If you look inside the rock holes you can see that some of the holes have other fossilized materials inside.  My guess, a very river worn piece of coral.

Any other guesses?  I'll probably send the image to the fossil forum website.  They'll know what it is.


  1. cool shtuf ! The weather here has gone ugly, so much for an early summer

  2. no!

    but...yes. Its kind of grey and 45 degrees here.

    Oh, well. At least its tuesday. boo.

  3. Oh hey
    I haven't been on here in a while
    I haven't been on fossil forum for a while.
    could be a coral, or maybe a trace fossil, like worm burrows? Dunno.
    It's neato

  4. I love this fossil. When I see you I have a special story to tell you about it.