rik-rat corn pile

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A beautiful garden.

 I'm finding a lot of peace in my garden.  All of the colors fill me with an automatic calm.  I suppose you could compare my garden to a Valium....or a fish tank.  Whatever you choose to compare it to, I'm sure that all this gardening is lowering my blood pressure. 
 Here are some of the peppers that were planted.  Three different kinds!  We'll see if they even grow with all of our rabbit activity.  The jerk store garden rabbits don't even eat the peppers, they just bite off the tiny bud and drop it on the ground.  I swear they are just doing this to make me mad.  Oh, well.  I have to remember that they are just rabbits and are not capable of doing something "just to piss me off."


  1. I love it. Makes me want to work on mine! I need to get on that.

  2. get your garden on! The colors will make you so happy.

  3. i've had to put my peppers and tomatoes into containers to deter the rabbits, but now i've got this damned chipmonk getting into some of my potted plants and seedlings...i think i'm going to go all dirty harry on the little bastard

  4. chipmunks are so adorable and so destructive. one has dug a hole in my garden as well. Funny story though, I was weeding the dirt and saw a bunch of sprouts. I didn't plant them? They were sunflower seeds, about 10 of them. My guess is that a tiny chipmunk emptied his cheeks into a hidden spot (my damn garden) and planted some accidental sunflowers. I'm going to allow one to grow.