rik-rat corn pile

Friday, May 4, 2012

A jog. Some pyrite (more fool's gold), and a deer tooth.

I'm not a health nut but have been trying monitor my less then admirable qualities.  I've quit smoking and after a rage filled month of horrendous mood swings I think I'm on the up and up.  I've cut down on fast food and have even jogged the entirety of a 5K without stopping to walk.  I was sore for three days.

So, just to keep on with the keeping on, I went for a jog with Mudd after work.  It was super humid and uncomfortable but we did it, we jogged a mile.  During our cool down walk/stretch I found some more fool's gold on the ground amongst the limestone.  This time I found pieces of pyrite that were separated from the limestone and they were shaped like tiny cubes.  I was pumped when I found them.  I also found a deer tooth...not as cool but it went into my pocket.

Have a good weekend, jerks.


  1. How can you be so sure it was a deer tooth? Did you check its dental records? lmao!

  2. I'm creepy. that's how I know ;) Hee hee. Jane and her pocket full of random teeth, rocks, and feathers.

  3. Those rocks would make some cool earrings or rings. You need a friend that makes jewelry.

  4. would you like to try your hand at it? I'd gladly donate found objects to you if you would like to turn them into beautiful jewelery. Perhaps we could be a team. Team gorgeous.

  5. also, the idea of making a 14K gold ring to hold a piece of fool's gold is absolutely hilarious. and now that the idea exists in the universe some artist is going to make ridiculously ornate and expensive objects to hold things that are essentially worthless. ha.

  6. i pick up interesting stones from everywhere i go, and sometimes salvage bricks and hunks of limestone...my backyard is full of it...think I'll make a post of my favorite pieces, you've inspired me.

    1. well, schucks. Always happy to spread inspiration, friend.

      Can't wait to see your garden rocks. If it weren't so expensive, I'd send you a box of rocks.