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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Smashed Penny from Minnestoa!

My good buddy, Big T, just got back from a school trip.  Where were they? Minneapolis.  Damn, I love that city.  And since T's a good guy he already knew that I collect smashed pennies. He brought me back one that prominently features a moose and another with a wolf.  That made me a happy Jane.  I love animal themed smashed pennies.


  1. moose are outragious. did you know that 1980 and earlier pennies are mostly copper and later dates are mostly zinc?
    hold on to that copper, it's the new silver

  2. I have a boat load of wheat pennies. I think they're worth at least 3 cents each just in copper. Maybe I'll start scrapping....

  3. Wow! Whatta penny!

    But let's get real. I'm just commenting on this to promote my new blog post!


  4. oh, rishika. you so crazy. at least you tell it like it is.