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Monday, August 27, 2012

Fossils in Iowa: Mahaska County.

The dry weather has hindered my adventures.  It's a sad thing, really.  When rain water doesn't flow through creek beds weeds quickly take over the crevices.  Poor Jane is left standing in sad, weedy mud puddles wondering what happened to all of her wonderful fossils.  I'm a tough cookie, though.  When I decide I'm going to find something I'll do it and I managed to find a few fossils on the Des Moines River this Saturday.  There's a few shell fossils and a pretty nice chunk of coral (i can't take credit for finding that one, my partner in crime did).

It's always neat to find something that is millions of years old.


  1. nice catches, stay away from all that flesh eating bacteria, however

  2. but flesh eating bacteria and I talked about it the other day and now we're getting along really well!

  3. thanks. It's been a hard summer for collecting but I managed to pick up a few beauties.