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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

President Obama Speaks in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

It all started on Friday.  A little bird told me that President Obama was going to do a few Grassroots events around Iowa.  I needed more information about the rumors and hopped on ol' faithful (Google) to do some cyber sleuthing.  I didn't believe it at first, was President Obama really going to speak in Oskaloosa, Iowa?  It was indeed true.  I did more sleuthing to find out how I could attend the event.  That Saturday I waited for 2.5 hours in the hot, hot, Oskaloosa heat to get my ticket, it was the only way I could be guaranteed entrance.  While in line, I was interviewed by a local news program, I'm at the beginning and at the very end.  To view the interview click on this grey text and be dazzled.

Now here I sit, post speech giddiness is still thick on my breath.  Our president is an amazing orator and I'm proud that he came to this li'l town to talk to the people of Oskaloosa.  Not only did he crack a few jokes but he crammed a lot of important information in his 30 minutes speech.  He spoke of the struggling middle class, higher education, clean energy, taxes, the deficit, job creation, the American dream, family, and the importance of really understanding what each candidate stands for and how their agenda will affect each of us as individuals and as a whole.  I'm an Obama supporter and I feel like I saw something important.