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Monday, September 17, 2012

Fossil Hunting in Iowa.

Left to right: 1. a layered fossil of tiny shells.  2. I believe this to be a part of coral, it has a hole in the center and is fossilized. 3. this one I'm not so sure about.  It branches like a coral but plants also do that.  Any ideas, readers? 

This is the single best example of a horned coral I've ever seen.  It was 100% there.  No chips, no dings.  Very nice.

I found this in a ditch.  When I busted a certain type of rock in half I would find these plant like pattens in the center.  I am so unfamiliar with this type of fossil that I purchased a book written specifically about fossil hunting in Iowa.  Pretty soon you'll have to call me Professor Jane. 

This appears to be another type of plant fossil but there looks like there is some type of circular shell in it and some type of crinoid in the very center.  Someone help!  I feed feedback!  It looks like a layer of ocean trapped in a smallish rock.


  1. In the first set of pictures, the one on the far right looks like it has a screw in it. The fossil in the last set of pictures looks like a skeleton. That's all I got for ya. This weekend was nice fossil hunting weather. :) Hope you had a good time.

  2. I had an excellent time, pal. the weather was great and I didn't get bitten by a single bug. that's uncanny.