rik-rat corn pile

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lunchtime Ditch Adventure.

It's a nice day.  I just finished walking a ditch and it's about 1:01 pm.  This is what I found.  The glass is pretty old and I'm almost positive this is an old raccoon jawbone.  Hooray for lunchtime adventures.


  1. Wow... You found that stuff in a ditch? Could that be a dog jaw bone? What makes you think it is a raccoon? I really am curious because you know a lot more about plants and wildlife than I do. The stuff you find inspires me to walk around and go treasure hunting.

  2. that's really a sweet thing to say, pal. I have a bunch of field guides that tell you about paw prints, skulls, birds, mammals, etc. So, I look it up. You knew I found coyote hip bones so I think you're doing pretty well. We'll take a nature walk together sometime.

  3. Been looking through weeks of your posts and am happy to see you've been out and about so much. I love scrounging through the woods and ditches myself, but our streams are pretty high right now, and not much to find out there, unless you like dirty bacteria infested water. Alas. Happy hunting.

  4. Thanks, Tom. I was in AMEs, Iowa the other day and found some pretty neat stuff that I'm getting ready to post today and tomorrow.

    The water here is so low it's almost scary. It's good for finding stuff but there's no water. Where do all the fish go? Confusing stuff.

    As always, thanks for looking at my blog, pal. I appreciate it.