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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mushroom Hunting in Iowa.

This bad boy was growing on the Mulberry stump in the backyard.  If there's an oyster mushroom in the backyard then there are oyster mushrooms growing in the forest.  We suited up the dog, hopped in the truck, took a hike (literally), and found two more pounds of mushrooms.  And I found a lot of mosquitoes, sadly.

 Oyster mushrooms are an underrated delicacy and we ate them three different ways.

1. Floured, dipped in eggs, rolled in Ritz cracker crumbles, and then deep fried.  Oh god, salivating over here.

2. Simply cooked in butter.  You could really taste the mushroom.  So fresh.

3.  Lightly sauteed and then decorated with lemon, cocktail sauce, and horseradish.


  1. Hmmm... sounds like a mushroom extravaganza! The bottom picture looks like chewed bubble gum. Those are really big mushrooms!

  2. jeremy said they look like wet chicken breast clusters. that kind of grossed me out.

    if I found more would you like to try some with me? Wait...you abhor mushrooms. I forgot. sigh. Guess I'll just sit in a corner and eat a big pile of slimy mushrooms all by my lonesome.

  3. Oyster mushrooms are very nourishing, you know. Unlike other mushrooms, they contain much more protein. Separate and wash the mushrooms first before you start cooking. You may notice that some oyster mushrooms have a very tough stem, these aren't very good to eat, so I suggest you cook them as stock. :)

    Mack Shepperson