rik-rat corn pile

Monday, October 15, 2012

Artifact Hunting in Iowa: some broken pieces.

Left To right: 1. broken side of knife or spear 2. Broken Drill 3. Broken arrowhead 4. Broken knife 5. Not broken simple drill.

Here's some of the stuff we found this weekend.  I'd like to make a mosaic with all of the little, colorful flint-bits.  That's more of a winter project for when I go stir crazy.  Happy fuckin' Monday.

*update: Oh my god!  I was in a terrible mood when I wrote this yesterday.


  1. We actually found way more artifacts then the ones I chose to show. The other ones didn't scan or photograph well. Boo.

  2. You guys found a lot! I'm glad I got to see the ones that didn't scan well :) Today is an a hole monday, fo sho.

  3. I feel like Garfield. It's unfortunate.

  4. Like the yellow cat that likes lasagna and sleeps in a box? Confused?

  5. Garfield hates Mondays.


  6. I have only found one arrowhead ever - in Texas. I search any creek bed or river bed for spear points, tools and other stone artifacts. Nada. You certainly have the touch.