rik-rat corn pile

Monday, March 11, 2013

Beaded Muskrat Skulls.

I had a fabulous weekend.  We visited the Des Moines Art Center and experienced the wonderfully curated show, "Transparencies."  You can check out the show write up at http://www.desmoinesartcenter.org/exhibitions/Transparencies.aspx, if you're in the area you have no excuse not to go.  GO!

We also ate delicious medium rare steak, bought some brewing supplies and mix n' match beer at Beer Crazy (I bought an agave wheat beer, AMAZING), found an awesome art supply store by the Drake Campus (why do I have such expensive tastes in paper?), and ate wonderful sushi at Hoshi Sushi (it was so fresh and delicious...and in Iowa).  It was a lovely, rainy day.

I also finished up these two lovelies.  I'm kind of on a roll with these skulls.  Thanks goodness it's almost spring because I'm running out of skulls to embellish.  A friend recently asked me where I acquire all of these skulls.  Good question.  All of them have been found during arrowhead or fossil hunting ventures.  Yup.  Found them all on the ground.  Nature!


  1. you might be a little crazy. I'm leaving you my skull

  2. I'll bedazzle the shit out of your skull. ha!