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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fossil Hunting in Iowa. April, 2013. Brachiopods and Horned Coral.

I pulled more horned coral out of this creek bed in 30 minutes than I have over the course of the entire 2012 fossil hunting season.  Thank you rain.  If it wasn't for you all of these fossils would have been hidden under stagnant dirt and sand for many years.

As you can see, I found a helluva lot of horned coral.  I'm not sure of their various taxonomies but there appear to be three different variations.  I base this off of size, segments, and the appearance of the outside and inside of each specimen (bumpy, smooth, varied?).  But, damn, I'm not a geologist so I'll leave the tedium to those paid poorly for it (always end with a preposition).

As for the brachiopods, there appear to be several of those as well. I believe I have four or five variations. Not to mention a nice piece of branched coral (hanging out above the penny in the bottom photograph). 

As always, happy huntings.  I hope you find something good today.


  1. These would be really cool if you painted them a metalic color and used them for jewelry or door pulls. or a windchime, or magnets. Sorry, I'm telling you how to destroy ancient artifacts. Great haul! We should be getting more rain this week so maybe you can find some more stuff!

  2. lol, DESTROY THEM ALL! I have thought about mounting them in silver jewelry.

    I should make you and faith dangly horned coral earrings.

  3. How do you find all of these? So awesome.

  4. You just have to figure out where the right rock deposits are. Best places to start? Creeks and river.