rik-rat corn pile

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

seasonal depression.

I want to exorcise something that isn't there.

that big, empty, hole...

How can something barren be SO heavy?

Half baked and vacuous attempts at lightening the load

with ink. or paint. or a faceless stranger.

are becoming nightmarish.

I am a careless bull in a china shop.

Screaming my insecurities into the void

waiting for an echo.

(note: this has been a particularly hard winter for me. I have many things to celebrate. I choose to celebrate my melancholy today)


  1. found any nice fossils lately?

    1. spring is finally here and I'm feeling a lot better than i did when I wrote the poem. I've found a couple tiny adorable shell fossils.

    2. yay. I found some nifty geodes down in Bloomington a couple weeks ago. Even smashed one!

    3. badass! I've only found broken geodes on river banks...I'd love to find one i could SMASH